Being Creative

The Meraki Mousas Method Creativity Course Part I | taught by Michele Jennae

Course description

The Meraki Mousas Method Creativity Course is divided into 2 parts, Being Creative and Doing Creative.

Being Creative addresses our very creative nature and how to tap into it. Doing Creative deals with how to put our creativity into action.

In this 6 Session Course, we will go through the concepts of Being Creative.

Being Creative
Mettle - The Courage to be Creative
Enlightenment - Awareness and Acknowledgement of one's creative self.
Resolution - Commitment to the Process
Affability - The need to be flexible, patient, and honor seasons
Kismet - Your wild, natural, authentic destiny - TRUST
Immersion - Creating your Sanctuary of Time and Space

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Don't forget to check out Part II for Doing Creative (COMING SOON!)

Muse-ical - Working with your Muse
Options, Objectives - Goals and Plans
Ups and Downs - Addressing Challenges
Significance - Meaning and Priority
Anima and Animus - Executing Creative Ideas to Products, Plans, Etc.
Serendipity and Fairy Dust - Being Open to Possibilities

Michele Jennae
Michele Jennae
Old Soul Archaeologist and Creative Guide

Michele Jennae has been a life, business, and career coach for almost 10 years. She recently shifted her coaching style from a left-brained approach to a whole-minded approach by embracing right-brained techniques as well, in order to help her clients learn to discover themselves and their own answers.

More than a coach, Michele Jennae is a guide... an old soul archaeologist. Grab your shovels and let's dig!

Michele Jennae, Old Soul Archaeologist